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2010-05-15 19:34:58 by killerwrath

This is a place on roblox... im showin eveyonethis to say how much moe i play on roblox, then i play on newgrounds... sorry, but it's the truth!

All the amazing moonbases at ROBLOX are awesome in ROBLOX, a free building virtual world

watch this youtube video about a cool instumental music i like it! it is R3iE

instead of one thing...

2009-08-01 16:03:30 by killerwrath

i am leading to a cute little flash and it has cute things!!!!!! so pleaz leave nice things alone and yes im supporting national bread slicing day...(woohoo...) :l anyway arent teddies cute. if you anwsered yes then watch my new portal coming in the future

instead of one thing...

i suk at makin flashes

2009-07-28 13:10:14 by killerwrath

i will try my hardest to make a portal but it is doubtful. i am hopeing
to make a music or war game. or a funny yet cool collab. (ulikley)so this is killerwrath speaking poo!

i suk at makin flashes